Manufacture of warehouse racks

Frontal, deep,
shelves mezzanine structures

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Intra-warehouse logistics

Flexible pricing policy
A wide range of services
Deliveries on time

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VekoSystems storage racking systems guarantee safety, comfort and efficiency of your warehouse

Modern warehouse is an entire system which should comply with all the safety requirements. To provide effective operation of this system, it is necessary to have high-quality and reliable equipment and specialists with knowledge and experience in the area of logistics projects implementation.

VekoSystems company offers its services of development and implementation of comprehensive solutions in the area of warehouse logistics: from designing with account of the customer’s individual purposes and objectives to installation and maintenance service of racking equipment.

Comprehensive approach – a key to successful implementation

The main focus of VekoSystems company is the provision of the full scope of services for equipping of a modern warehouse, which allows customers to solve aggregate issues through cooperation with this company. It will help you to save your time and efforts for searching of contractors and avoid their incompetency and unsatisfactory service.

Individual approach, desire to work at the highest professional level and the opportunity to offer such quality of products and services which is unavailable for the competitors – this is all your guarantee of effective occupation of valuable warehouse areas. We put the maximum emphasis on the technology of manufacture of racking system construction elements, products upgrading and introduction of a new equipment for compliance with the declared characteristics, in order to provide operational activity safety of your warehouse.

Ways we work:

Our company offers metal shelves for storage in a wide range of models. All of them are designed for a long and safe operation.

Why Vekosystems?